Species list

This shows a list of the species; by default, this is in taxonomic order.  Tapping on the actions button will allow the order to be changed to alphabetical order.



Tapping on a species will display the detailed description for that species.



Detailed descriptions

Where a key ends in a species description, tapping on that choice will reveal the detailed description page.  Alternatively, the description can be accessed from the Species List.


Tapping on a thumbnail image will select it and show the associated caption.  Tapping on the main image will display it full screen.


If the species description is long, the text can be scrolled.  Also, if there are many pictures, the thumbnail images can be scrolled left and right.




Full size view


The images respond to common iPad gestures as follows:

      a single tap will hide or show the top and bottom bars

      dragging with one finger will move the image

      pinching and spreading can be used to zoom out and in

      a double tap zooms in

      a single tap with two fingers, zooms out


The arrows on the top bar allow you to move through the set of pictures for that species.