Species of the genus Amanita include some of the most striking and beautiful fungi found in forests and downland. Often large in size and with bright colours they have long fascinated mycologists and non-mycologists alike. That some species are delicious edibles while others produce deadly toxins only adds to their glamour.


This KeyTo Amanita app contains an interactive identification key to this genus, along with detailed descriptions and copious high-resolution photographs. The app is based on the successful book ̉The Genus Amanita in BritainÓ by expert mycologist, Geoffrey Kibby.  It contains all the material from the latest book version of the key, plus additional photographs and the interactive key.


The app contains full descriptions of over 50 species, including some of the rarer ones which are not covered by most field guides. The information on each species includes a detailed physical description, host associates, chemical reactions and important microscopic details such as spore size. There are over 80 high resolution photos – zooming in will reveal all the detail.


Please note that this is a scientific key intended for enthusiastic field mycologists. Some microscopy work may be required for a complete identification.



      full descriptions of more than 51 species in the genus Amanita, found in Great Britain or nearby

      over 80 photographs and illustrations

o   zoom into high res photos to see exquisite detail

o   further images will be added in future updates to this app

      many pages of material about the genus Amanita including its history, taxonomy and the physical development of the fruit bodies

o   includes a further 20 photographs of key distinguishing features

      the latest taxonomic organisation of the genus, plus discussion on names and synonyms

      dichotomous key to all the species

o   it is interactive to help avoid the common mistakes made when using keys

o   alternatively, the key may be browsed like a book

o   can save and reload your position in the key – use as a checkpoint feature or to record specimens you have fully identified

o   easily reset your position to start again

      complete species list for easy access to descriptions

o   can view the list taxonomically or alphabetically


The screenshots below illustrate some of the screens from the application.

Interactive Key

The heart of the app is the interactive dichotomous key which identifies over 50 species, along with a number of varieties and forms. To help prevent mistakes, you can only select from the current couplet, and this will take you automatically to the choice you selected.


The key, designed and written by Geoffrey Kibby, contains clear and concise descriptions.



Species description

Reaching a species determination in the key will bring up a detailed description of the species, along with photos.




High-resolution photographs

The app is richly illustrated with over 80 photographs. Tapping the photos in the description will open them full size. You can zoom into the photographs to see the exquisite detail.




Background information on the genus

The app contains all of the additional background material found in the published book.  This covers the history and taxonomy of the genus, along with a detailed explanation of the structures and development of the fruit bodies. As shown in the image below, there are copious diagrams to illustrate this.



Taxonomic index of the species

To provide a quick reference to the species, the app contains a taxonomic index, which can also be sorted alphabetically if preferred.