The genus Amanita

This app contains a dichotomous key to the forty or so species of the genus Amanita found in Great Britain plus a further ten species which might be found. In addition to the interactive key, there are detailed descriptions of each species, including relevant microscopic details.  The app includes over 80 photographs and illustrations, covering almost all of the British species.



The Introduction page contains a short table of items at the top of the page.  These provide background information on the biological group or genus that the key covers. Tap on the items in the table to display this information.


Where this information covers multiple pages, the view can be dragged up or down.  It is also possible to zoom into the pictures using the standard “pinching” and “zooming” gestures.  To return to the Introduction page, tap the back arrow on the top left of the screen.


The Introduction page also gives access to these Help pages and the Getting Started Guide.



For help information on how to use the key, tap here.


For information about the list of species, tap here.