Overview of the Fungi Recorder app

This page describes the overall layout of the Fungi Recorder app.


The app comprises four main tabs which are accessed from the bar at the bottom left of the screen.  (Note, the Help pages assume you are holding the device in landscape mode. The app is generally easier to use in this orientation.)  Tap on the icons to access the different screens.





This is the main screen of the application, showing lists of forays and specimens that you have recorded.


The left hand side shows a list of all your forays.  This list can be filtered in various ways to make it easier to find a particular foray.


On the right hand side are all of the specimens that you have recorded for those forays.  You can search this list to help find a particular specimen, or you can filter for certain attributes – for example, records which have photos.  You may also select specimens and apply actions to them, such as emailing the detailed description and pictures.


From here you can also access the detailed descriptions and photos that you have saved.


See Forays for more details.


Add Records

This is where you add records for specimens you have found.  You can choose just to enter a name, or to enter a detailed description and photos.  There are three mechanisms for adding records:

      selecting names from a list of common finds

      typing in a list of names

      entering a detailed description (this takes you to the Specimen details page)


These are all explained in more detail on the Adding Records page.



The Specimen details screen shows you all of the specific details for a specimen – you would use this to enter or review those details.  This screen is designed to make data capture quick and efficient, so you can make detailed records just by tapping on the appropriate attributes – for example, selecting “Convex” for Cap Shape. Or if you prefer, you can type in the description.  Making detailed records of a find is optional.


You can also add and view photos of your specimens from here.  See Specimen details for further information.



There are a number of settings which affect the behaviour of the application – for example, the default size units, or the image resolution to use for PDF files.  These are all configured here.


See the Settings help page for further details.