Adding Records

There are three mechanisms for adding new records to your collection. Briefly, these are:


1.    using the Selection Assistant.  This lists about 100 of the most commonly found fungi – to add one to a foray, it just needs to be selected.  This makes it very quick to produce a record of the most common fungi you find.


2.    entering a list manually.  If you just want to record names, this is a simple way to enter records – just type in the list and then tap the add button.


3.    entering a detailed description.  If you want to add a detailed description of a find, choose this option.


Tap on the appropriate option to select it.

On this screen, you can also specify the foray to which you will be adding the records by tapping the Choose Foray button.



The following sections contain further details:


Selection assistant


Adding a list


Adding a detailed description



For more details on managing locations and forays, see here.



Selection assistant

This allows you to build up a list of names quickly and add them all in one go to a foray.  This may be particularly useful if you are a recorder for a group and want to create a list of finds for a foray with the minimum of effort.  There are about 100 of the most common finds in the list.


To select a name, just tap it.  If you change your mind, just tap it again to deselect it.  Selected records have a tick against them.


Typing in the search bar at the top can be used to find a particular name quickly.


The items in the list will be added to the current foray which is shown on the left hand side of the screen.  If this is incorrect, tap the Choose foray button to specify the correct foray.



When you have finished your list, tap Add Records.  If you want to add more records later, you can use this method again – or indeed one of the other methods.


If you want to deselect all of the selected items without adding them to a foray, tap on Clear Selection.


Under Options is a short list allowing you to:

      include your previous finds (that you have recorded in the app) in the list

      sort the selection list either by scientific name or common name

      preview the records you are about to add




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Adding a list

If you want to type in a list of finds and add them in one go, use this option.


You can enter scientific names or common names, or a mixture of both.  Tap where it says Scientific name to change this.

To delete all of the items and start again, choose Clear list.

To change a name, just tap on it again.

To delete a single item, choose Edit.


You can also specify the type of mushroom you are adding. By default, this is set as “Gilled” – tap on this word to bring up the list of types to choose from.



Note that you can subsequently add a detailed description for an item that you have entered this way – just go to the Forays tab, find the specimen and tap on it to take you to the Specimen Details tab.



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Adding a detailed description

Use this option to add an item including photos and/or a detailed description.


From the Select Mushroom Type view on the right hand side of the screen, choose the appropriate type – for example, mushroom with gills.  The type selected will determine which attributes can be specified.  For example, if you have a boletoid mushroom, choosing Cap with pores will mean that “Gills” will no longer appear in the list of attributes but the section on “Pores” will appear.



Tapping on the mushroom type will take you straight to the Specimen Details screen where you can enter the description of your specimen.


Tapping on the round information button next to the type will bring up a brief glossary description.



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