Viewing and adding photos

This section covers the following topics:


Viewing photos


Photo viewer – guide to the buttons


Adding photos


Accessing the photo library




Viewing photos

To view photos, tap on one of the Photos buttons in the Specimen List on the Forays tab. Alternatively, if you are looking at an individual find using the Specimen details screen, tap the Picture category on the left hand side.


To view images for multiple specimens at the same time, select each item in the Specimen List, using the star, and then from the Star Actions menu, select Show all photos.


Thumbnail view


For existing images, the initial view is in thumbnail form. Tap on an image to see the full size view.



Full size view


The images respond to common iPad gestures as follows:

      a single tap will hide or show the top and bottom bars

      dragging with one finger will move the image

      pinching and spreading can be used to zoom out and in

      a double tap zooms in

      a single tap with two fingers, zooms out


The caption is shown at the bottom of the picture – by default it will contain the name and foray details.  Additional notes can be added by tapping on the Edit Caption button.




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Photo viewer – guide to buttons

There are four icon buttons at the top of the photo viewer.



The Add Photo button allows you to add images from the photo library on your device, or by taking a picture with the camera.  Choose the appropriate option from the popup menu.

If you decide you want to remove a photo, tap the Delete button.  You will be asked to confirm deletion as, once done, the operation is permanent.

The Previous Image button will move to the previous image if there is one.

The Next Image button will move to the next image if there is one.



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Adding photos

To add existing photos, you will need to allow Fungi Recorder to access your photos library, if you haven’t done so already.  Please see Accessing the photo library for more details.



There are three options for getting to the add photos screen.


From the Specimen list on the Forays screen, tap the Add Photo button against an item:


From the picture thumbnails screen, tap on the Add Image button as shown below:



From the picture viewer screen, tap on the Add Photo button (plus sign) as shown below:




These actions will bring up the add photos popover. 




If you choose to add photos from the photo library, you are presented with a number of options for where to import photos from – the camera roll itself (that is photos taken on the device), “Photo Stream”, or any albums you have set up.  Photo Stream is a useful feature as it automatically shares photos between iPhones and iPads.  With this set up, you can take photos on an iPhone, in the field, and they will appear in the Photo Stream album in the app.  To learn more about setting up Photo Stream, please visit the Apple website and search for Photo Stream.


Tap to choose the source.




Having chosen the source, you can then tap to pick the image you wish to import.


It may take a few seconds to add a new photo, depending on its size.  Note that the photo is copied into the Fungi Recorder app – the original photo is unaffected.




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Accessing the photo library

The first time you try to add a photo, your iPad will ask for your permission before it will grant access to your photo library.



Please choose OK.  If you do not grant permission, it is not possible to add photos to Fungi Recorder.


If you accidentally chose not to grant permission and wish to change your mind, follow these steps:

1.    close Fungi Recorder and switch to your iPad’s Settings app. (Note this is a separate app; it is not the Settings tab on this app.)

2.    select the Privacy row on the left hand side, then the Photos heading on the right

3.    you should then see Fungi Recorder listed – move the switch so that it looks as below:




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