Fungi Recorder

This app is designed for people who want to record fungi specimens that they find on forays.  Many field mycologists find themselves with handwritten notes spread across several books, photographs stored somewhere else and lists of finds in yet another place.  This app will keep all of this information in one easy-to-access place.


Fungi Recorder provides a simple way to record all of the important features of your finds – size, shape, colour, gill attachment and so on.  You can match the colours on screen and measure the size against the on-screen ruler.  Photos can be added – either taken with the iPad, an iPhone or a camera.  When you have determined what your specimen is, you can record the name against it.  (As stated in the app store, this app does not identify the specimens for you.  It records the information to help you make a determination.)


The app will summarise your finds into a table, organised by foray. You can filter the forays or search for particular locations.  Equally, you can filter the specimens or use the search facility to pick out specific ones. Tapping on a specimen will take you to the details that you recorded. 


The list of specimens can be emailed allowing you to send out records from a foray easily.  Detailed descriptions and photos can also be emailed.


Getting started

The app is designed to be as intuitive as possible, so the best way to learn is just to have a play with it.  Use the buttons on the purple bar in the bottom left (assuming you are holding the iPad in landscape mode) to navigate to the four main sections of the app – the list of Forays and specimens, Adding records, Specimen details and Settings.


A sample record is included to give you some data to look at.  You can amend characteristics, change the location or date, use the colour chart, email a copy of the details to yourself, etc.  Please feel free to delete this record once you are done with it.


Whilst the basics should be easy to grasp, there are some more subtle features – such as the use of actions, stars and flags, so it may repay having a look at these Help pages at some point.


Look at the help menu for a list of topics.  A good starting point is the Overview of the app.